The News Page: 2005 summary

By David Greenspan _______________________________________________________________

The season started over the winter for those who were not involved with other sports. The Captains, Jeremy Levin, Sara Zaremba, Lauren Resenblum, Austin Morris and Michael Murray, lead the training program as the parents prepared paper work, volunteered their time, ordered unisuits, and contributed to the coffers of the LM Crew Association. Head coach Brian Conley, and assistants Galvin, Wood and Bendov lead the team. Water time began after March 1 in the cold and dark. The week of double sessions that marked the crew's spring break lead into 5 Manny Flick races, the NJScholastic Rowing Association championship, Philadelphia City Championship, The Upper Merion Regatta and the Stotesbury Cup regatta that made for an exciting racing season. Steady progress was evident throughtout. The Freshman ladies, Varsity women's 4+, Varsity men's lightweight 4+, Varsity women's lightweight 4+, and Varsity men's 4+ were the most competitive, being competitive in the semifinal races were highpoints for this end of the year event. The Season looked especially bright for the women's Varsity 4+ winning its first two Flick races and were close throughout the remainder of the season. The Men's lightweight 4+ also came on strong, winning in a comeback for Flick #3 and was a boat to be recond with throughout the season. A highpoint for the crew is the annual Upper Merion Regatta that focuses on public school rowing. LM Varsity girls and the combined lightweight and heavy weight mens crews rowing as an 8 won their gold medal events. The season wrapped up with the US scholastic nationals. All 4 Varsity 4+ crews got invitations to the Scholastic Nationals on Lake Mercer in Princeton NJ for 2005 with the Womens Varsity 4+ and the Men's Varsity lightweight 4+ showing well into the semifinals before bowing out.

The parents worked hard supporting the crew as well. The organization provided by the Executives, lead by Commodore Michelle Gold, allowed the program to florish. Lisa Greenspan lead the fundraising efforts starting with the silent auction cocktail party, Pizza sale and then the car wash in May. She had help from lots including Bunny Levyn and Sharon Ostrow. The all crew successful car wash earned a Grand total:  $1,531.50.  Each Saturday evening a parent welcomed the team for its spirit dinner. Each Sunday saw the LM trailer, tent and food enough for an army appear near the finish line to support rowers and spectators alike championed by Ann Friedlander. The final banquet, as usual, was a great success, no small thanks going to Jane Solomon. Of course, so many other parents contributed, I am sure that naming these few is surely unfair to the many others. What a superb job, and a great year was had by all concerned.

A summary of the 2005 successes
Manny Flick#1 Winner, Varsity Women's 4+ Manny Flick #3 Winner, Varsity Women's 4+
Manny Flick #4 Winner Varsity Lightweight Men's 4+ The overall standings of the Manny Flick Regatta Point Trophy The Men were the 8th best overall men's team on the river with 120 points out of 38 teams competing. The women were the 7th best overall women's team on the river with 140 points out of 38 teams competing. The improvement of this year's program is especially noteworthy since last year the women were 12th and the men were 18th. ________________________________ NJSRA Championships Varsity Lightweight Men 4+ - 3rd Place Varsity Men 4+ - 8th place Varsity Women's 4+ - 3rd place Lightweight Women 4+ - 6th place ________________________________ City Championships - Finalists Women's Novice 4+ and Women's Lightweight 4+ ________________________________ Upper Merion Regatta GOLD MEDAL WINNERS Women's Varsity 4+ and Men's Varsity 8+ - GOLD Finalists Women's Frosh 8+ Women's Lightweight 4+ Men's Lightweight 4+ ________________________________ Scholastic Championships, Mercer Lake, Princeton Semi-Finalists Women's Varsity 4+ Men's Lightweight 4+ 4) Isa Kursman '06 4) Adam Goetz '05 3) Colleen Sullivan '06 3) Steve Krajewski '07 2) Michal Trope '07 2) Will Frey '06 1) Ruth Mandelbaum '06 1) Ryan Nalls '06 Cox) Lauren Rosenblum '05 Cox) Aaron Greenspan '07

The 2005 LM CREW