The News Page: 3/20/05 -- Manny Flick #1

The first Manny Flick race was notably cold and wet. At least it wasn't blowing.

Lower Merion crew is not famous for its early Manny Flick performances. With rules of the league keeping the team off the water until March, the other competitors usually have a few more weeks and lots of miles (relatively speaking) on our guys and gals. None the less, we can all feel pleased with the performance of our many varsity boats. The ladies heavy 4+ set the tone for the season with a win in their event! The ladies lightweight 4+, the mens A heavy and one light 4+ all took thirds, and the mens B heavy 4+ and women's light 8+ (rowing in a heavy 8+ category) took 4th.

More details including the boatings and thoughts from the coaches will be forthcoming.

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