The News Page: 4/10/05 -- Manny Flick #3

How Beautiful a day can you get! No better rowing day can be expected this year. In the mid 60's, bright sunshine, light air, good food and great racing. It was Flick #3 after the cancellation of Flick #2 due to rain.

Lisa and I were on the far side, biking up and down the closed West River Drive watching races as best we could. Both lightweight and Heavyweight A 4+ races went off smoothly. The current was ripping, the line officials bellowing out with megaphones getting the boats close to even despite all the water motion. The crews were at the ready. "Attention!", a moment then "GO!".

The lightweights were all even at the bridge. LM was down no more than a seat in second at 500m gone. They were tight for third as they went behind the island a little over 1000m gone. Lisa and I peddaled fast to get a premier seat for their 3rd place finish. The Heavy B four took off before we were really ready, and with Aaron in the A four, we waited for their race. Lawrenceville took off after it was 5 boats nearly even at the bridge. Despite coming down to the island in 6th, LM looked long. Though it didn't look like a top 3 finish was in the cards for our boys this day, there wasn't more than 3 boatlengths from first to last. Again, losing the sprint behind the island it was great to see them well past the #6 boat challenging for the 4th spot during the sprint. The 1.5 second difference isn't more than a deck behind 4th place LaSalle A! I had a chance to speak with a number of rowers, none felt that they had their best row today, leaving lots of room to improve for tomorrow.

The Girls heavy A 4+ won again this day. Two flicks in a row! Go Ladies!. The Frosh women's 8 was also in a top 3 spot.

I have some Frosh parents promising to post an article on what it was like for them to participate in their first rowing event. I would love to get some input from the coaches and other members of the crew to put up on the WEB site. I also anticipate pictures over the next few days.

To get FULL results of the day's events, click HERE and follow the links.