The News Page: First row for the frosh

So the Freshmen and Freshwomen made it out on the water for the first time. I wish I was there to see it! I am sure it must have been quite the scene. No one quite knowing what to do, the cox's barking commands... and then trying another... and scratching a head and not being sure was it the command or the response to it that is contributing to the chaos. Where are those oars coach? They go in with the lock facing in what direction? Starboard -- what side is starboard? At least, these were my recollections from so many years ago about what that first day was like. "So how many freshman does it take to put a boat in the water without crunching the hull on the edge of the dock?"

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Then all at once, its 8+1 and there is movement on the water. And its real! There is noise, there is cold, there is some splashing, and why doesn't it feel anything like that ergometer? SET IT UP! A whole new dimension is added. One? No Two new dimensions. Timing is also key, unless you don't mind getting an oar handle in the back! But its a start, its exciting, its different, and the river is oily black in the fading light, and the glow of the boathouse at 7:30 draws the eye.

"So how many freshman does it take to get a boat out of the water..." More chaos, but what an invigorating 2 hours. Now, if only the fingers would stop stinging and the shaking would stop from the cold... And then so much to talk about on the bus ride home. Yes, the first day for the Frosh on the water. I am sure it was a special moment.

David Greenspan