The News Page: US Youth Championships
June 9,10,11

By David Greenspan_________________________________________________________

June 9, 2006. The word from Cincinatti: The Girls are in the 'repechage' or repeat trial coming in third in their heat in a time of 7:42 over 2000m. They were 6 seconds out of second that would have put them directly into the semi finals. With three boats to the semifinals from the Repechage, they should make the semis. Will they make the "A" finals for Sunday? We are rooting for them.

The boys went directly to the semi finals winning their heat in a time of 6:54 over 2000m. St. Andrew's was over a length back in second. Brian noted that the boys had a 'bad row' missing their stretch practice yesterday. They move directly to the semi finals (three to the "A" finals) with the boat garnering the fastest time of the day today, in 6:44 in a heat that saw three boats battling to the last stroke (1 second separating them). Good racing ahead.

June 10, 2006. No words from Cincinatti: The Girls were edged out of a place in the Semi finals and will race tomorrow in the "C" final. The boys were 6 seconds out of first taking second in medal contention in the finals tomorrow. GO BOYS! All 6 boats in the finals are FAST so anything can happen.

June 11, 2006. Still no word from Cincinatti: The Girls won their "C" final with a comfortable length lead over the other crews in the field. A fine performance. The Boys were 6th in their finals race, about two lengths back of the field. Making the finals in as highly competitive a race over a longer course with a heavier weight limit is a staggering achievement. I hope to update the news with more details and pictures when I can get them.

To keep up with the action, go to http://www.usrowing.com/Events_Regattas/NationalYouthChampionships/index.aspx.