The News Page: Philly City Championships 5/7/06

By David Greenspan_________________________________________________________

"We started at a freeking 50, and settled to a 40! I had to call a second settle to get the boat down to 37 strokes a minute... We traded seats with Christain Brothers for the first 1/2 of the race. We were up at the start, then they had us by a seat, then us, then them, until our move at the 1/2. At that point we started to move out on them and were in the lead for the remainder," explained Aaron Greenspan as he headed down the dock for the winning cox dunk. Sometime later, Will Frey was overheard to tell coach Conley, "and you didn't believe we were going to win this race, isn't that why you gave us such a loud cheer when we came to the medal dock." Of course coach Conley stuffed that one. "Hey, this was the first real medal race. You know the New Jersey's are just, well, New Jersey's. Here was the first time the best were going to be really coming for it. So, this was a great win." The men won their race in 4:58, 2 seconds ahead of Christian Brothers, and Haverford a 1/2 second back of them in third. I had to admit it, I had butterflies all day. Frankly, with 6 seconds between them in 3rd place in the time trial and the first place Christian Brother's crew that switched in 2 lightweights from their 'V4', an unknown Father Judge who placed second in the trial, and St. Joe's Prep, and Haverford just a second off, who was thinking this was a slam dunk? Not I. And As a parent wanting the best for all of our crews, those nerves just kept building toward that 5:00 race time. "So, Steve, you really had to earn this one didn't you, I mean, you gave it everything to win this race", I asked? "I don't know, we had more if we needed it Mr. Greenspan," Steve Krajewski answered calmly. OK LIGHTWEIGHT 4+, WAY TO GO!

I decided to start this story at the end, since its been a while since an LM crew came away with Gold from the Philadelphia City Championships. But, the Lightweight Men's V4 were not the only hot performers from LM today. The Varsity women's 8 broke down to make the fastest heavy and light varsity 4 possible, event's LM ladies have been strong in for the past few years. With that 7th place finish in the New Jersey's, Zach decided it was time to make that move. His Vlights came in 8th in their qualifying heat, just 2 seconds off the pace for the finals. With only a few practices in a 4, they should pick up speed over the next couple of weeks. While they just missed the finals, the Vheavy 4+ took second in their qualifier and SILVER in their finals rowing a 5:40, 7 seconds behind Peddie, ahead of Upper Merion by 2 seconds. They looked really strong coming in to the last 1/3 of the race and appeared to have second place in the bag as they moved through the island. A good sprint put UM away for good.

With the V8 now in 4's the Lightweight 4 from the last couple of weeks of racing combined with the JV 4 to make a JV 8. They made the finals as well taking 5th overall in their head race, and came in a solid 4th just out of the medals. Their sprint was essential to capture that 4th place spot, 6 seconds out of third in 5:41 and 4 seconds ahead of Belleville. They looked solid and will build speed as they work together over the next few weeks as well. Moving from 4's to an 8 or vice versa is never an easy task. The two craft feel very differently when rowed, and so recapturing the feel, timing, and swing that makes for a fast boat takes water time. The ladies can feel really proud of their performances.

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