The News Page: 3/26/06 FLICK#2

By L Regan Broderick _________________________________________________________

Flick #2 saw the debut of the spirited Lower Merion freshmen women entered as an 8+ (eight rowers plus a coxswain). After a week of anticipation and excitement, the nine women effectively carried out their race plan and worked on boat goals, such as technique and slide control. The girls made their race just in time to be called to the starting line, but the ill-tempered officials as well as some unforeseen events did little to calm any jitters. Prendie made an unannounced appearance at the line, joining Merion Mercy, Radnor and our LM crew (probably due to a scheduling error). While the girls were expecting a standard countdown start, crosswind conditions called for a quick start, which caught the freshmen 8+ a bit unprepared. The crosswind continued to be a problem throughout the race, forcing LM’s 8+ from lane 2 into lane 1. (So much the better to hear the cheering parents and fans at the Lower Merion tent!) For their first race, the freshmen women exceeded expectations by being controlled and powerful for the duration of the race. Although they came in fourth, the women returned to the boathouse proud of their first ever performance and ready to work to improve for the next regatta! Let's go LM!"

By Mike Wood_________________________________________________________

First race for the Novices/Frosh

The second Flick was the first race for Lower Merion ’s Novice/Freshman class. The Boys’ group entered two boats, these being the Boys Novice 8+ and the Boys Novice/Frosh 4+ event. As expected, there were some minor mishaps during their first race which lead to some unpredictable and interesting racing. The first boat to race was the Novice 4+. The 4+ got off to rough start clashing oars with Upper Merion twice and this eventually lead to a floating start below the Strawberry Mansion Bridge , which was perhaps 200 to 300 meters below the initial starting line. They were unable to capitalize on the shorter race distance and finished in third place. The Boys Novice 8+ followed suite shortly after and finished fifth. Apparently, this group slowed up a little before the finish line due some miscommunication, but this will be one of the easier problems to fix with more race experience and practice. As these guys develop their technique on the water and learn to push their limits, they will become a major presence during race day.

By David Greenspan_________________________________________________________

I missed most of the racing this weekend. A family event in NY drew us Greenspan's away. A day of clouds with sprinkles and scattered rays of sun. Less wind than last week, but still the cold was biting. The Tent was up, the Friedlander's were busy by the grill, doing their famous hotdogs, hamburgers and the best meatballs this side of the... well, this side of the Schuykill for sure.

The novice/frosh proved that two weeks on the water, not having seen a boat or an oar earlier, makes for some interesting rowing. The great fun (and some say miracle) is to watch how quickly these young athletes progress from week to week. There is nothing but 'up' from race #1. And we have two winning boats. The MVL4+ win their second flick, though I hear it was a 'crab' in the Haverford boat that put the big water between our guys and #2 at about 600 meters to go. And what can you say about our women, winning in the varsity 8+. I don't recall hearing the last time an LM crew won in a 8 category.

I hope to hear from parents, coxswains or some of the other coaches, so that we can put more of the days events on the web.

All the race results can be reviewed HERE