The News Page: Upper Merion Regatta 5/13/06

By Brian Conley _________________________________________________________

Well it was a day that Lower Merion will remember!! We use this day to drastically increase our race experience and also to get our last solid hard workout in before the Stotesbury Cup Regatta. With the varsity rowing in multiple events, it guaranteed the parents an interesting day. Having a Lower Merion boat racing in each event created a lot of excitement and some close results.

The Men's Novice 8+ picked up a great deal of speed since the City Championships, winning their heat and then placing a close third to crews that had been beating them by a great deal more over the course of the year. It is great to see the Frosh pick up speed at this point in the season, as they will be a great addition to the Varsity next year. The Women's Novice 8+ put on the first medal performance of the day winning by just a little more than open water in the final. Their were lots of smiles and cheers as the women crossed the line in first.

The varsity saw the most racing of the day. Kate Freeland was on a first name basis with the dock master by 11am because of the amount of hot-seating that LM had to do in order for the races to happen. Hot-seating is when you race and have to immediately go from one boat to another, sometimes with a completely new crew of people. The varsity women and the men combined for a great deal of medals, the best performance for LM at the Upper Merion Regatta. If there was a points trophy, LM would have won it. This regatta shows how strong our crews are since after multiple races ranging between 3-6 races for the day our athletes were still able to beat boats that had only raced in the heat and final of one event. This will be a great thing for the upcoming week with Stotesbury, where some of our crews will have to race twice in a day and possibly three times over the course of two days.

LM has placed itself on the map as far as being an extremely competitive group that people want to beat, instead of what it was a few years ago with us wanting to just beat any crew we could. Now we can and the athletes are the entire reason for that. I look forward to seeing everyone at the river for the Stotesbury. I am requiring that all the athletes be at the races for the crews that make it to Saturday, which will hopefully be the whole team. Congrats to all the crews this past weekend!

By David Greenspan_________________________________________________________

Well, I missed it. The entire thing. And what a shame, for LM crew won 6 medals this day. Let's see if I have it right, that includes two for the Men's VL4 in the lightweight and middleweight events, the mixed 8 of varsity men and women, the Women's V8, the Women's V4 and the Women's Frosh 8. I think I got them all. The remainder of the boats made the finals, winning heats this day. How cool is that! Evidently, the lightning and thunder put the boats out of the water for a few hours interrupting the flow. Aaron tells me he was 'hot seated' all day, running from one boat to another as he, like many of the varsity, participated in multiple events. For instance, the lightweight 4 boys were in their 4 races as lightweight 4 and middle 4, but also in two races as a JV 8. 6 races, 9000 meters of high powered rowing. Now that is a workout.

The LM regatta is usually alot of fun. This year was no exception, but the overall performance of the program surely was.