The News Page: First on the water 3/7/06

Well the first day on the water has come and gone and with it brought much of the usual first day jitters. Unlike last year, there was only a small amount of confusion. Could we get on the water? There was a slight problem with getting the launch engines started. They wouldn't start!! Finally after much work and figuring out the engine starting sequence, we were finally able to get enough engines started to get two varsity boats for the men and the women out onto the water. Because we worry about safety and that it was getting dark, there are only two boats per coach on the water at the same time. Everyone else had to run on the land with the other three coaches running the practices.

As usual, the rules of the boathouse, the expectations and how to make the team were given to the athletes. Already, the coaching staff and I feel a very positive vibe about what these athletes are potentially going to do this year. All the coaches feel that this could easily be the fastest group of athletes that we have had try out for the team in the last four years. It will be an interesting season to find the fastest four people that work together and have the right rythym that can find LM victory on the water every week. In order to get to that point, it is back to basics for the varsity teams with drills and more drills and --take a guess -- more drills. Getting that stroke just perfect so we move the boat more efficiently than the other person who may be taller or bigger or stronger than us on the water. When we get that perfect stroke together there will be nothing that will stop our group. Pound for pound of what the athletes have been pulling on the erg we are stronger than most of the people that we will line up against at the starting line.

I hope to see everyone at the crew social coming up and please do not hesitate to introduce yourself to the coaching staff as we love to get to know the parents along with the athetes that we coach. It will be a great season and I hope to see you all soon,

Brian Conley