The News Page: Winter Training

The team has been indoors now for over two months and have been working extremely hard on making this the best season in their four years at Lower Merion. Despite not having seen the outdoors too often, the team is extremely optimistic and there is a good morale overall.

The athletes that have been consistent coming to practice have gotten their personal best or personal records (PR's) on the erg. What this has led to is a very positive and very motivated team. The seniors have been digging deep and truly leading the team in example and encouragement across the board. The Juniors have been showing that they learned what racing was last year and want to do a whole lot better this year. The sophomores already have shown that they not only want to be on the team, but want varsity seats. The freshmen have begun practicing as well. With running a lot of stairs and doing a great deal of work with push ups, sit ups and jumpies.

We have a great group again this year and it should make for an interesting race season. The freshmen started arriving after the midterm exams were over. At the first few practices there were only a few that decided to come, but now there are a consistently large group. It appears that we will be fielding eights in both the women and the men categories of the freshmen/novice level. We look for them to really push forward and do what no freshmen crew in recent memory have done at Lower Merion and that is to win a medal at the Stotesbury Championship.

The varsity has excelled throughout the winter and a few have earned their right to travel to Boston to race in the World Championships of Indoor Rowing. They will compete with the best from around the world on February 25th. Currently there are 13 athletes that have made the time standard to compete and I have already entered them in the race. As the race nears there is a good possibility that more athletes may get the opportunity to go as well. I look forward to them racing in Boston.

As we prepare to hit the water in March, each athlete will be competing to remain with the team come racing season. After the first two weeks on the water, the final roster will be posted on the Crew Board outside of the pool area. This list will include those athletes that have given 100% at practice every day. As my promise stands, any athlete who gives 100% of his or herself during practices will easily make the team. This includes Varsity and Freshmen. Varsity will have the greater challenge as more is expected of them as athletes and as students. Moreover, Varsity athletes have a more limited number of seats available to race in. Seniors are only permitted to race in Varsity level boats by the Rules of Racing. Practices will be difficult, challenging each athlete to reach outside of his or her comfort zone at times. Last year, no athlete was cut from the team and those athletes that did not want to be a part of the program left prior to the selection of the final team roster.

I am truly looking forward to racing this year and am looking forward to bringing home some well deserved trophies for our athletes.

Coach Brian